"76 years ago, my grandfather founded the company Boiron Frères SA. As the inventors of frozen fruit puree, we have continued to innovate by developing our range to support pastry chefs, cooks and bartenders from all over the world on a daily basis with excellent fruit solutions" Alain Boiron ~ Managing Director


Number 1 World leader in professional frozen fruit purees, les Vergers Boiron purees are made from a strict selection of perfectly ripe and GMO-free fruits from the best locations worldwide. The flavour experts assemble these fruits using techniques inherited from the champagne industry, and their know-how guarantees consistent taste, colour and texture. 


The purees have no added sugar, providing you nothing but fruit. No colouring, preservative, filler or thickener is added to the puree in order to have a product as pure as possible. No more washing, peeling, deseeding, blending and waste. Save labour, time and control your costs.