Product Code: ASU0C3

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Brix 8; 6 - 10.

100% fruit - no added sugar.


Sudachi is a small citrus fruit bursting with juice (a cousin of Yuzu), which is picked when still green, as its aromatic richness is revealed before full maturity. Les vergers Boiron has selected fruit picked by hand, confidentially grown in Japan.


✓ Puree without added sugar 

✓ 100% traceability of fruit (Japan) 

✓ Confidential production 

✓ Offers a solution to new dietary trends 

✓ Aromatic notes of spices, pepper and essential oils


Optimum uses: sorbets, drinks, creams, mousses, confits, sauces.

Flavour combination: coconut, mango, pear, cereals, green shiso, basil, almond, hazelnut, chocolate, tonka, praline, gin, and more.

Origin: Japan. 

  • Quantity: 1 kg
  • UOM: TUB
  • Storage: Freezer (-18/-20°C)
  • Halal: YES
  • Kosher: YES